Tycab Australia manufactures an extensive range of single and multi-core cables designed for the building and construction industries containing either Oxygen Free Plain or Tinned Copper Wire. With flexibility being a key Tycab strength, we continually pride ourselves as manufacturers of the highest quality cable suitable for various switchboard, flexible power and welding.

Tycab Australia Building cable leading the way… and constructing ahead!

Building Cable

  • 1mm² up to 16mm² nominal area
  • V90HT PVC insulation
  • Available in multiple sheath colours
  • Suitable for general purpose power applications

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Single Core Double Insulated

  • V90 Insulated and 3V90 P.V.C. Sheathed.
  • 450/750 Volt to AS/NZS 5000.2.
  • Oxygen Free Copper. RoHS Compliant.

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Flexible Power Single Insulated

  • 4mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • 0.2mm stranded flexible Plain Copper Wire
  • V90HT PVC Insulation
  • Excellent for switchboard applications

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Flexible Power Double Insulated

  • 10mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • NBR modified PVC insulation and sheath
  • Resists kinks, abrasion, cuts and heat
  • Suitable for power & welding applications

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Flexible Self Extinguishing Double Insulated

  • 10mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • R-E-110 insulation
  • Nitrile (NBR) modified PVC sheath
  • No. 1 choice for high temperature applications

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Thermoplastic Sheathed (TPS) Flat

  • 1mm² up to 10mm² nominal area
  • RoHS Compliant V90 P.V.C. to AS/NZS 3808
  • OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125
  • Easy-tear PVC sheath for fixed applications

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