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Company Profile

Tycab Australia is the leading specialised manufacturer of the highest quality Oxygen Free, Plain and Tinned Copper electrical cable products. Tycab is proudly Australian owned and operated with over 30 years experience in the industry, and part of the Tyree Group of Companies.

Tycab manufactures products that are used across a broad range of industries, from Automotive, Irrigation, Building, Data & Instrumentation to Security, Marine, Welding, Speaker & Audio, Solar and Switchboards. Such is the size of its product range; Tycab now produces more than 2000 different cable variations to the market.

Quality Tycab cable products can be found in Australian made vehicles, new cinema complexes, underneath golf courses, parks and gardens. Tycab cable has even been used on installation of such famous sites as Parliament House in Canberra, Flemington Race Course, the MCG and Sydney Football Stadium as well as major commercial projects around Australia and Asia.

On a domestic level, you’ll find Tycab cable powering home security systems, extension cords, home theatre and audio systems, and irrigation systems.

Tycab prides itself on being an innovative ‘niche’ manufacturer able to take on the challenge of developing products to satisfy various cable design requirements. Tycab’s competitive advantage is its ability to produce the highest quality cable quickly with typically smaller minimum run sizes than other cable manufacturers or importers. Niche products and solutions are our speciality.

Tycab’s ongoing strategy is to implement state of the art technology and processes in order to be cost effective and to provide the best customer service. Tycab has earned a reputation as a stable, reputable and reliable supplier to the market.

Tycab Australia. Australian made cables leading the way!

Mission Statement

Tycab will be the supplier of choice and manufacturer of high quality specialised and standard wire and cable products whilst meeting the needs of key stakeholders.

Tycab customer service will be second to none. With a passion for our company, our products and our values, we will ensure all our customers are to be treated with honesty, integrity and respect.

Tycab will foster a culture for success by providing reward and recognition for excellence, an environment that generates a positive moral and a workplace that promotes the best practices in OH&S.

Operate responsibly in accordance with ISO14001 guidelines and make a positive contribution to the community.

Tycab will increase market share by regaining and growing business in existing markets as well as targeting new growth opportunities.

Tycab will manufacture products to the highest quality level in accordance with ISO9001 guidelines, whilst focusing on innovation, continuous improvement and positively contributing to brand value. Tycab will continue to focus on flexibility as its differentiator in the market place.

Tycab will import and distribute selected cables to complement the existing product range. We will deliver all our products in full and on time to provide market leading service.

Tycab will continue to innovate and exceed customer expectations for specialised cables. State of the art facilities and materials will ensure our competitive advantage is not only maintained but enhanced.

Quality Policy

Tycab Australia manufactures high quality electrical cables that meet customer requirements, relevant standards and applicable regulatory requirements.

Tycab Australia is committed to ongoing improvement in quality, innovation and performance, to assure profitability and competitiveness, and to provide customer support and satisfaction.

All of Tycab’s employees are actively involved in the performance of the company, and have a feeling of ownership in the achievement of company goals and quality objectives. All employees are responsible for the product or service they provide to internal and external customers.

Tycab’s goals and objectives are achieved through clear work instructions, employee training, and continuous improvement of its management systems. The performances of these quality objectives are monitored and appropriate actions are implemented to ensure that these objectives are achieved.

Tycab regularly reviews the skills and training needs of all its employees, and provides suitable training, to ensure that employees are competent to perform their functions.

The equipment that Tycab utilises to manufacture and test cables is regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure that it is reliable and accurate, and produces cables that constantly meet required specifications.

Tycab’s Management Team is primarily responsible for ensuring the effective practice of this quality policy and the quality management system, which has been designed to comply with AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Requirements.

NSW – AKS Distributions Pty Ltd

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QLD – Camerons Electrical Cables & Accessories (CECA)

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WA – Engineering Supplies Pty Ltd

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NZ – Tycab NZ Ltd

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Tyree Foundation

Founded by Sir William (Bill) Tyree and his family in the early 1970’s, the Tyree Foundation has been an active philanthropic organisation operating in Australia right up to the current day. The Foundation donated its $1million dollars to form Medicheck, the first multi-phasic health screening centre in Australia.

The incorporation of Medicheck was followed in 1978 by a $500,000 donation to the Sydney Square Diagnostic Breast Clinic, a multi-disciplinary centre for the diagnosis of breast cancer, a world first. The Tyree Foundation also established the Chair of Otolaryngology at the University of Sydney, which merged engineering expertise with medicine to treat deafness, which paved the way to for the later development of the world’s first bionic ear.

In its current form the Tyree Foundation is a deductible gift recipient (DGR), being a charitable organisation set up under the guidelines for a private ancillary fund (PAF).

Under the guidelines the Foundation can receive donations from any individual or entity but cannot solicit for such. The vast majority of the donations received will therefore come from sources related to the founder of the Tyree Foundation, the largest source being the Tyree Group of Companies which comprises Tyree Transformers, Tycab Australia and Tycab NZ.

The Tyree Foundation therefore receives the majority of its donations from the Tyree Group of Companies whose charter requires that that the Group donates up to 50% of its trading profits to the Tyree Foundation, with the balance of the profits held for reinvestment into the long term growth of the businesses of the Tyree Group.

This unique business model ensures the Tyree Group businesses operate in the most efficient manner so as to:

  • Continue the Tyree legacy of operating high technology manufacturing businesses within Australia;
  • To fund investments into sustainable business growth; and
  • To ensure the availability of funds to donate to the Tyree Foundation.

The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees which is made up of Tyree family members and independent persons with extensive experience in the Medical, Legal and Financial sectors.

The Foundation charter ensures the trustees are obliged to operate in strict adherence to the PAF guidelines, important principles followed are:

  • The Foundation is a not-for-profit entity;
  • The Fund must be philanthropic in character and act as a vehicle for private philanthropy;
  • It must be established and operated in Australia;
  • Donations can only be made to organisations that have been granted DGR status.

The Tyree Foundation’s defining purpose is to assist the general community in Australia. This assistance will be providedby:

  • Advancing health through the payment or application of the Trust Fund to ‘Eligible Entities’ engaged in theprevention, research and relief of sickness, disease or human suffering;
  • Advancing education by the payment or application of the Trust Fund to ‘Eligible Entities’ that supporteducation, through the provision of prizes and scholarships and other donations that will enhance an educationalestablishment’s capacity to provide educational services;
  • Supporting other purposes beneficial to the general public and analogous to other charitable purposes.

The Tyree Foundation has a long history of philanthropic activity including;

  • Medicheck – the first multi-phasic health screening centre in Australia;
  • Sydney Square Diagnostic Breast Clinic;
  • Chair of Otolaryngology at USYD which paved the way to the development of the world’s first bionic ear;
  • UNSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building;
  • USyd Power Laboratory;
  • Challenge House – a transitional living facility to enable disabled adults to adapt to independent living;
  • UNSW/ USYD Microgrid research;
  • UNSW/USYD SWER network research;
  • Numerous donations to various hospital / medical research / benevolent causes.