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Tycab Rod and Wire Division is part of Tycab Australia Pty Ltd and has been operating since June 2006. Prior to that the facility was part of Tycan, based in Mittagong near Sydney since 2003.

The business was based around the Rautomead upcast copper casting machine producing 12.7mm and 8mm rod for the transformer and cable industry. These products are packaged on pallets, strapped and stretch-wrapped with net weights of 2 to 4 tons.

To extend this business, more products were developed targeting various market segments such as the canning industry, magnet wire and other businesses requiring drawn copper wire.

The product range includes annealed, hard drawn and soudronic wires. A Niehoff Rod

Breaker is used to produce this product range. The products vary from 1.06mm up to 3.6mm. These products are packaged as spool-less packs on pallets strapped and shrink-wrapped with net weights of 1 to 2 tons.

Recently a tin plating line was added to the factory to expand the product range. Now we can offer tin coated copper wire of various sizes from 1mm up to 3mm. The tin plating thickness can be applied according to customers needs from 2 microns up to 8 microns. These types of products can be used but not limited to the following markets: marine, irrigation, data, automotive, etc. Packaging is in the form of stems or customised cardboard boxes on pallets with a net weight up to 800kg.

The division is usually running a 5 day 24 hour continuous operation and is capable of producing 5000 tons of copper per year.

Below: Rautomead casting machine
Rautomead casting machine

Below: Spool-less coiler and a coil of soudronic wire
Spool-less coilerCoil of soudronic wire

Below: Otomec Tin Plating Line
Otomec Tin Plating Line

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