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Introducing to you Tycab NZ Limited. A new name and a new focus.

For many years Tycab Australia has distributed products through its sister company AIM NZ Ltd. AIM was originally established as the distribution arm for Tyree Industries which included a diverse range of products for the electrical industry, from transformers, electronic components, insulation products as well as cable.

Over the years the product range widened to not only products manufactured within the Tyree group but also sourced from third party manufactures.

However in June 2008 it was decided to focus on core products and the group divested part of the product range to O'Brien Aim. These products included the insulation range, magnetic wire, varnishes and resin and high temperature cables.

With the focus on core products it was logical to rename the company Tycab NZ Limited to maximize the brand opportunities and recognize the heritage of the business. The name change was completed in August and from a business perspective completely transparent for most customers.

Tycab NZ will continue to distribute the wide range of high quality automotive, marine, data, irrigation, security and building cables for which the company has become known as a leader in these markets. With a recent change in management a key focus will be on improving the service standards provided to our customers. We appreciate in a competitive market it is essential to provide real value to maintain a competitive market position.

We look forward to continuing to work with our customers under the new name 'Tycab NZ Limited'.



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