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Power & Welding Range

Tycab Australia - Power & Welding Cable

Tycab manufactures premium RoHS compliant Australian made Power & Welding cables that feature very fine and high quality Oxygen Free conductors for flexibility and durable sheath compounds. Tycab power and welding cables can mostly be found in welding applications (earth and electrode leads), power applications (switchboards, busbars, transformers etc) and automotive applications (jumper leads, battery chargers etc). For flexibility, quality and value-for-money make Tycab your Number One choice in power and welding cable.

Tycab Australia Power & Welding cable leading the way… and powering ahead!


Flexible Power

  • 4mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • 0.2mm stranded flexible Plain Copper Wire
  • V90HT PVC Insulation
  • Excellent for switchboard applications

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Flexible Power & Welding

  • 10mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • NBR modified PVC insulation and sheath
  • Resists kinks, abrasion, cuts and heat
  • Suitable for power & welding applications

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Flexible Self Extinguishing Double Insulated

  • 10mm² up to 120mm² nominal area
  • R-E-110 insulation
  • Nitrile (NBR) modified PVC sheath
  • No. 1 choice for high temperature applications

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Power Cable

  • 1mm² up to 16mm² nominal area
  • V90HT PVC insulation
  • Available in multiple sheath colours
  • Suitable for general purpose power applications

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Single Core V90HT 0.6/1KV

  • 0.5mm² up to 4mm² nominal area
  • Available in TCW and PCW
  • Heavy duty 0.6/1KV
  • Best suited for electrical interconnections

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