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Irrigation Range

Tycab Australia - Irrigation Cable

Tycab Australia has the most extensive irrigation range available to the market. Tycab offers the very best in cable characteristics, quality and reliability for all irrigation (controller) wiring requirements. All Tycab irrigation cable is RoHS compliant and made of the highest quality Oxygen Free Plain and Tinned Copper Wire.

Tycab Australia Irrigation cable leading the way...and fields ahead!

  • 0.5mm² up to 16mm² nominal area
  • Premium grade UV stabilised polypropylene
  • Available in multiple sheath and trace colours
  • Excellent for irrigation and sprinkler systems

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  • 2.5mm², 4mm², 6mm² nominal area
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • UV stabilised polypropylene sheath
  • Used for computerised irrigation systems

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Screened Communication Cable

Screened Communication Cable
  • Polyethylene insulation and sheath
  • Overall aluminium / polyester laminate tape screen
  • 1/0.64 mm Tinned Copper Drain Wire
  • Ideal for communication applications

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  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 13 Core
  • Revolutionary, economic and industry leading
  • UV stabilised polypropylene insulation
  • No. 1 choice for irrigation / sprinkler systems

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  • Specifically designed for mole ploughing
  • New and innovative ‘score and snap’ sheath
  • Highly abrasive and cut resistant
  • Yellow sheath for maximum visibility

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